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Kuhn, Jeremy
freshly changed [pdf]The dynamics of negative concord
Vaux, Bert
Miller, Brett
new [pdf]The representation of fricatives
Crnic, Luka
freshly changed [pdf]Number in NPI Licensing
Sigurdsson, Halldor Armann
freshly changed [pdf]Universality and variation in language
Vaux, Bert
Myler, Neil
Miller, Brett
new [pdf]Phonology in Universal Grammar
Spathas, Giorgos
Michelioudakis, Dimitris
freshly changed [pdf]States in the decomposition of verbal predicates: evidence from additive operators
Vaux, Bert
Myler, Neil
new [pdf]Outstanding issues and future prospects in Rule-Based Phonology
Medeiros, David P
freshly changed [pdf]A parsimonious method for generating syntactic structure
de Chene, Brent
freshly changed [pdf]Syntactic and lexical -ase- are distinct suffixes
Toquero-Pérez, Luis Miguel
freshly changed [pdf]That-trace effects are yet to be explained away: challenges for prosody-based accounts
Coon, Jessica
Baier, Nico
Levin, Theodore
freshly changed [pdf]Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint: Facts and Fictions Revisited
Branan, Kenyon
Erlewine, Michael
freshly changed [pdf]Ā-probing for the closest DP
Dolatian, Hossep
Guekguezian, Peter
new [pdf]Tier-based locality in Armenian conjugation classes: Relativized adjacency in long-distance allomorphy
Ye, Shumian
freshly changed [pdf]From maximality to bias: Biased A-not-A questions in Mandarin Chinese
Davis, Colin
freshly changed [pdf]Case-driven plural suppletion in Barguzin Buryat: *ABA versus case containment
Stanton, Juliet
freshly changed [pdf]Allomorph selection precedes phonology: Evidence from the Yindjibarndi locative
Dolatian, Hossep
Rawski, Jonathan
freshly changed [pdf]Computational locality in nonlinear morphophonology
Saab, Andrés
Carranza, Fernando
freshly changed [pdf]Dimensiones del significado. Una introducción a la semántica formal
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
freshly changed [pdf]Meaningful Blurs: the Sources of Repetition-based Plurals in ASL
Halm, Tamás
Huszár, Anna
2020-11 [pdf]Expletive Negation in Exclamatives - Evidence from Hungarian
Belk, Zoë
Kahn, Lily
Szendroi, Kriszta
2020-11 [pdf]Absence of morphological case and gender marking in Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish worldwide
Desouvrey, Louis-H
2020-11 [pdf]The Origin of the Wackernagel Effect in Serbo-Croatian
Lambert, Dakotah
Rawski, Jonathan
Heinz, Jeffrey
2020-11 [pdf]Typology Emerges from Simplicity in Representations and Learning
Elliott, Patrick D.
2020-11 [pdf]Towards a principled logic of anaphora
Mondal, Prakash
2020-11 [pdf]A Precis of 'Language, Biology, and Cognition: A Critical Perspective' (2020)
Nicolae, Andreea
Yatsushiro, Kazuko
2020-11 [pdf]Not eating kein veggies: negative concord in child German
Doliana, Aaron
Sundaresan, Sandhya
2020-11 [pdf]Proxy control: a new species of control in grammar
Rolle, Nicholas
2020-11 [pdf]Lexical tone contrast in Izon as ubiquitous floating tone
Lee, Seunghun
Won, Daehan
Kawahara, Shigeto
2020-11 [pdf]COVID-19 Myth Busters in World Languages: A case for broader impacts of linguistic research during the COVID-19 crisis
Ahn, Dorothy
Saha, Ankana
Sauerland, Uli
2020-11 [pdf]Positively polar plurals: Theory and predictions

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