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Patejuk, Agnieszka
Przepiórkowski, Adam
freshly changed [pdf]Category Mismatches in Coordination Vindicated
Nakashima, Takanori
freshly changed [pdf]The Symmetry Condition on Labeling
Storme, Benjamin
new [pdf]Implicational generalizations in morphological syncretism: the role of communicative biases
Maier, Emar
freshly changed [pdf]Emojis as Pictures
Kim, Min-Joo
freshly changed [pdf]The Syntax and Semantics of Korean External Possession Constructions
Ishii, Toru
Goto, Nobu
freshly changed [pdf]Multiple Nominative and Form Sequence
Li, Ying
Goad, Heather
new [pdf]Naïve English-speaking Learners’ Use of Indirect Positive Evidence: The Case of Mandarin Plural Marking
Lindsey, Kate
Schokkin, Dineke
new [pdf]Phonetic fieldwork in Southern New Guinea
Feldcamp, Zachary Satoshi
new [pdf]The Split Noun Phrase in Classical Latin
Moltmann, Friederike
freshly changed [pdf]Names, Light Nouns, and Countability
Begus, Gasper
new [pdf]Distinguishing cognitive from historical influences in phonology
Hoot, Bradley
Ebert, Shane
new [pdf]On the position of subjects in Spanish: Evidence from code-switching
Gaertner, Hans-Martin
new [pdf]Review of 'The Copy Theory of Movement and the Linearization of Chains in the Minimalist Program' by Jairo Nunes
Pilszczikowa-Chodak, Nina
freshly changed [pdf]The Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Hawaiian Disyllabic Base Words Without an Initial Consonant
D'Alessandro, Roberta
new [pdf]Crossing phasal domains
Sailor, Craig
new [pdf]Rethinking 'residual' verb second
Sanker, Chelsea
Babinski, Sarah
Burns, Roslyn
Evans, Marisha
Kim, Juhyae
Smith, Slater
Weber, Natalie
Bowern, Claire
freshly changed [pdf](Don’t) try this at home! The effects of recording devices and software on phonetic analysis
Medeiros, David
new [pdf]Hawaiian ai at the Syntax-Phonology Interface
Halm, Tamás
new [pdf]Virtual Performatives in English – The Outlines of a Syntactic Analysis
Nicolae, Alexandru
new [pdf]Grammaticalization as pattern formation: Romanian auxiliaries from a diachronic Romance perspective
Papillon, Maxime
new [pdf]The Match-Extend Serialization Algorithm in Multiprecedence
Kawahara, Shigeto
Kumagai, Gakuji
new [pdf]MaxEnt and sound symbolism in Pokémon names III: Intersecting the effects of mora counts and vowel quality
Dąbkowski, Maksymilian
freshly changed [pdf]Paraguayan Guaraní prosody and the typology of variable affix order
Dolatian, Hossep
De Santo, Aniello
Graf, Thomas
new [pdf]Recursive prosody is not finite-state
Alderete, John
Chan, Queenie
Tanaka, Shin-ichi
new [pdf]The morphology of Cantonese "change tone": Extensions and limitations
Ahn, Byron
new [pdf]Mapping OUT- Argument Structure
Dąbkowski, Maksymilian
freshly changed [pdf]Pied-piping by Cyclic Agree. In defense of feature percolation
Yatabe, Shuichi
2021-06 [pdf]A representationalist theory of the semantics of DIFFERENT, THE SAME, and EACH OTHER
Sundaresan, Sandhya
Zeijlstra, Hedde
2021-06 [pdf]The syntactic limits of probe-goal (a)symmetries
Lionnet, Florian
2021-06 [pdf]Downstep in Paicî (Oceanic, New Caledonia)

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