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Workneh, Desalegn
freshly changed [pdf]Dative = prospective
Chatain, Keny
Schlenker, Philippe
freshly changed [pdf]Local Pragmatics Redux: Presupposition Accommodation and Non-Redundancy Without Covert Operators
Patel-Grosz, Pritty
new [pdf]The search for universal primate gestural meanings
Boskovic, Zeljko
freshly changed [pdf]Merge, Move, and Contextuality of Syntax: The Role of Labeling, Successive-Cyclicity, and EPP Effects
Vaux, Bert
Suhairi, Ariwan
new [pdf]Vowel harmony in the Armenian dialect of Goris
Rawski, Jonathan
Baumont, Lucie
freshly changed [pdf]Modern Language Models Refute Nothing
Bogomolets, Ksenia
Fenger, Paula
Stegovec, Adrian
freshly changed [pdf]Movement in disguise: Morphology as a diagnostic for verb movement in Algonquian
Wood, Jim
Zanuttini, Raffaella
freshly changed [pdf]The syntax of English presentatives
Martin, Fabienne
freshly changed [pdf]The Syntax of Causatives in the Romance Languages
Cable, Seth
Crippen, James
new [pdf]Stative Marking in Tlingit: Evidence for the Complexity of States (Handout)
Maier, Emar
freshly changed [pdf]Attributions of form and content: A discourse-structural account of reporting
Ting, Jen
new [pdf]A Unified Approach to Parasitic Gap and Across-the-Board Constructions: Evidence based on Mandarin Chinese
Fulton, Matthew
new [pdf]Language Models, Theory, and Tools
Fenger, Paula
Kouneli, Maria
new [pdf]Words and Features
Kiss, Tibor
Pieper, Jutta
Börner, Alicia
freshly changed [pdf]Word order constraints on event-internal modifiers
Krajinovic, Ana
Vander Klok, Jozina
von Prince, Kilu
new [pdf]When (not) to establish a new category. The case of perfect, ‘already’, and iamitives
Wood, Jim
Zanuttini, Raffaella
new [pdf]Needed Research in American Dialects: Variation in Morphosyntax
Sasaki, Kelsey
Altshuler, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Clause-internal coherence: A look at deverbal adjectives
Haspelmath, Martin
new [pdf]On what a construction is
Ross, Hayley
Chierchia, Gennaro
Davidson, Kathryn
new [pdf]Quantifying weak and strong crossover for wh-crossover and proper names
Stegovec, Adrian
new [pdf]The Third Way: Optional object reordering as ambiguous labeling resolution
Atlamaz, Ümit
Demirok, Ömer
Bağrıaçık, Metin
new [pdf]Heritage Grammars as Checkpoints in Acquisition: A Dependent Case Theoretic Account
Wood, Jim
Tyler, Matthew
new [pdf]Voice
Gravely, Brian
Gupton, Timothy
new [pdf]The left-peripheral syntax of Brazilian Portuguese cadê
Kuhn, Jeremy
Pasalskaya, Lena
new [pdf]Multiple pressures to explain the ‘not all’ gap
Condoravdi, Cleo
Francez, Itamar
new [pdf]Liminal until
Gouskova, Maria
new [pdf]MSCs in Positional Neutralization: The Problem of Gapped Inventories
Lu, Jiayi
Frank, Michael
Degen, Judith
new [pdf]A Meta-analysis of Syntactic Satiation in Extraction from Islands
Murphy, Elliot
2023-03 [pdf]ROSE: A Neurocomputational Architecture for Syntax
Katzir, Roni
2023-03 [pdf]Why large language models are poor theories of human linguistic cognition. A reply to Piantadosi (2023).

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