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Agodio, Badiba Olivier
Jenks, Peter
Sande, Hannah
Zimmermann, Malte
2023-12 [pdf]Indexed definiteness without demonstratives in Guébie
Maier, Emar
freshly changed [pdf]Reporting, telling, and showing dreams
Pregla, Andreas
new [pdf]Word order variability in OV languages. A study on scrambling, verb movement, and postverbal elements with a focus on Uralic languages
Vazquez Martinez, Hector Javier
Heuser, Annika
Yang, Charles
Kodner, Jordan
new [pdf]Evaluating the Existence Proof: LLMs as Cognitive Models of Language Acquisition
Cacchioli, Gioia
new [pdf]A note on Verum Focus in Tigrinya
Bobaljik, Jonathan David
new [pdf]OV∼VO in Itelmen: Information Structure and Postverbal objects in a Verb-final language
Reynolds, Brett
freshly changed [pdf]Prepositions in (English) Dictionaries
Wier, Thomas
new [pdf]Kartvelian and Lexical Contact in the Ancient Caucasus
Everett, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Frege's Error? Compositionality, Inference, and Final Causes
Landau, Idan
new [pdf]Reciprocal Shift and Symmetry Breaking
Jacobson, Pauline
freshly changed [pdf]A Categorial Grammar View of Syntactic Categories: Evidence from Coordination
Suarez-Palma, Imanol
freshly changed [pdf]Inalienable possession (and lack thereof) in Spanish
Zimmerling, Anton
new [pdf]Andrej Zaliznjak. Cutting off the unnecessary [Андрей Анатольевич Зализняк. Абстрагироваться от лишнего]
Zimmerling, Anton
new [pdf]Linguistics and Cryptophilology
Suarez-Palma, Imanol
Santamaría-Gallego, Alba
new [pdf]Noncore datives in Basque and Spanish impersonal, passive and anticausative sentences
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Astrology Series, No. 4. MS 408.
Del Pinal, Guillermo
Bassi, Itai
Sauerland, Uli
new [pdf]A note on free choice and exclusion-based presuppositional exhaustification
Haspelmath, Martin
freshly changed [pdf]Four kinds of lexical items: Words, lexemes, inventorial items, and mental items
Arvaniti, Amalia
Jeon, Hae-Sung
new [pdf]Individual and Language Differences in Rhythm Grouping Preferences: the Iambic-Trochaic Law revisited
Lam, Chit-Fung
new [pdf]Revisiting two finiteness phenomena for Mandarin Chinese complementation structures: An empirically oriented approach via systematic hypothesis testing
Mendes, Gesoel
Ruda, Marta
Willer-Gold, Jana
Arsenijevic, Boban
Ristić, Bojana
Čordalija, Nermina
Leko, Nedzad
Malenica, Frane
Marušič, Franc
Masnikosa, Irina
Milićev, Tanja
Milicevic, Natasa
Mišmaš, Petra
Mitić, Ivana
Stankovic, Branimir
Tolić, Matea
Tusek, Jelena
Nevins, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Agreement switch in verb-echo answers: Evidence for Distributed Ellipsis
Meadows, Tom
new [pdf]Size Matters: Clause Structure and Locality Constraints in Swahili Relatives
Patel-Grosz, Pritty
new [pdf]The primate gestural meaning continuum
Toquero-Pérez, Luis Miguel
new [pdf]The grammar of individuation, number and measurement
Momma, Shota
Richards, Norvin
Ferreira, Victor
new [pdf]Speakers encode silent structures: evidence from complementizer priming in English
D'Alessandro, Roberta
freshly changed [pdf]The Null Subject Parameter. Where are we, and where are we headed?
Jenks, Peter
new [pdf]Hyperraising from TP in Moro
Hara, Yurie
2024-07 [pdf]Quiz questions
Kasenov, Daniar
Rudnev, Pavel
2024-07 [pdf]Experimental evidence against verb-stranding VP ellipsis in Russian
Hein, Johannes
Driemel, Imke
Martin, Fabienne
Nie, Yining
Alexiadou, Artemis
2024-07 [pdf]Errors of multiple exponence in child English: A study of past tense formation

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