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Yuan, Michelle
freshly changed [pdf]Case as an Anaphor Agreement Effect: Evidence from Inuktitut
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
freshly changed [pdf]Focus and Intensification in the Semantics of Brow Raise
Xiang, Yimei
freshly changed [pdf]Relativized Exhaustivity: Mention-Some and Uniqueness
Goodhue, Daniel
Shimoyama, Junko
new [pdf]Embedded negative polar questions in Japanese: Explaining the puzzling distribution of embedded noncanonical negation via the speech act embedding complementizer 'to'
Charnavel, Isabelle
Bryant, Shannon
freshly changed [pdf]The whole picture: Disentangling locality, logophoricity and subjecthood in Picture Noun Anaphora
Mihoc, Teodora
new [pdf]Ignorance and anti-negativity in the grammar: Or, some NP-SG , and modified numerals
Mukherji, Nirmalangshu
freshly changed [pdf]Mind in the Mirror of Language: Preface
Marty, Paul
Nicolae, Andreea
new [pdf]Conjunctive Disjunctions: when adults behave like children
Deal, Amy Rose
freshly changed [pdf]Interaction, satisfaction, and the PCC
Dieuleveut, Anouk
new [pdf]Finding modal force
Merchant, Nazarre
new [xlsx]The Stress and Length Patterns of Paka
Kuhn, Jeremy
Pasalskaya, Lena
new [pdf]Negative concord in Russian Sign Language
Andrews, Avery
new [pdf]A Speculation about what Linguistic Structures Might Be
Knowlton, Tyler
new [pdf]The Psycho-logic of Universal Quantifiers
Ranero, Rodrigo
new [pdf]Identity Conditions on Ellipsis
Bonan, Caterina
new [pdf]The periphery of vP in the theory of wh-in situ
Thivierge, Sigwan
new [pdf]Phasehood and Phi-Intervention
Mihoc, Teodora
Davidson, Kathryn
freshly changed [pdf]Superlative-modified numerals and negation: A multiply negotiable cost
Härtl, Holden
Brübach, Tatjana
freshly changed [pdf]‘Well, that’s just great!’ – An empirically based analysis of non-literal and attitudinal content of ironic utterances
Siegal, Bar-Asher
Bassel, Noa
Hagmayer, York
new [pdf]Causal selection – the linguistic take
Narayan, Chandan
new [pdf]Speaking rate and language-specific voice onset time effects on burst amplitude: Cross-linguistic observations and implications for sound change
Sundara, Megha
Zhou, Z.L.
Breiss, Canaan
Katsuda, Hironori
Steffman, Jeremy
new [pdf]Infants’ developing sensitivity to native language phonotactics: A Meta-analysis
White, Aaron Steven
Lidz, Jeffrey
new [pdf]Lexicalization in the developing parser
Ke, Alan Hezao
freshly changed [pdf]A note on the domain of transfer
Milway, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Agree as derivational operation: Its definition and discontents
Bogomolets, Ksenia
new [pdf]Morphology-phonology interplay in lexical stress assignment: Ichishkiin Sɨnwit
Marušič, Franc
Shen, Zheng
freshly changed [pdf]Gender Agreement with Exclusive Disjunction in Slovenian
Gouskova, Maria
freshly changed [pdf]Phonological asymmetries between roots and affixes
Aravind, Athulya
new [pdf]Locality in Malayalam Anaphor Binding
Zhang, Niina Ning

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