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Bedar, Amazigh
Quellec, Lucie
2022-12 [pdf]L-alternations in Taqbaylit
Pertica, Carlo
new [pdf]A Proto-Siouan nominal number suffix *-ka?
Akinbo, Samuel
freshly changed [pdf]Vocal Imitation and Linguistic Processing of Super Mario Theme Music by Yorùbá Gamers
Schlenker, Philippe
Coye, Camille
Leroux, Maël
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]The ABC-D of Animal Linguistics: Are Syntax and Compositionality for Real?
Erschler, David
new [pdf]Colloquial emphatic negation in Russian and morphology of negative concord
Schäfer, Lea
new [pdf]Auxiliary Selection in Yiddish Dialects
Bai, Xue
new [pdf]Reduced embedded questions in Uyghur
Wu, Danfeng
new [pdf]Island violations in stripping constructions
T.davidova, Svetlana
new [pdf]searching for the origins of (proto)language: tracing the origins of the lexicon
Herrera, Rafael
new [pdf]Demostrativos adnominales y adverbiales en náhuatl de Milpa Alta
Schallert, Oliver
new [pdf]Morphological gaps in diminutive formation: Some observations on Alemannic
Ulfsbjorninn, Shanti
freshly changed [pdf]Pseudo-Allomorphy of Articles and Articulated Prepositions in Llanito
Schlenker, Philippe
Coye, Camille
Steinert-Threlkeld, Shane
Klinedinst, Nathan
Chemla, Emmanuel
freshly changed [pdf]Beyond Anthropocentrism in Comparative Cognition: Recentering Animal Linguistics
Moltmann, Friederike
new [pdf]Natural Language Ontology - Handout 6
Yuan, Michelle
new [pdf]Morphological conditions on movement chain resolution: Inuktitut noun incorporation revisited
Paparounas, Lefteris
Salzmann, Martin
new [pdf]First conjunct clitic doubling in Modern Greek: Evidence for Agree-based approaches to clitic doubling
Teixeira, Zenaide
Borges, Humberto
new [pdf]Locative adverbs in the subject position in Brazilian Portuguese
Yip, Ka-Fai
freshly changed [pdf]Converbs and Adverbial Clauses: A Case Study in Cantonese
Hopperdietzel, Jens
Alexiadou, Artemis
2022-11 [pdf]Marked unergatives in Samoan nominalizations
Erschler, David
2022-11 [pdf]Iterated D-layers and Multiple Case Exponence: The structure and significance of a morphological rarissimum
Bayırlı, İsa Kerem
2022-11 [pdf]Labeling, concord and nominal syntax in Turkish
Arregi, Karlos
Nevins, Andrew
2022-11 [pdf]Morphotactics: An Overview of Positional Constraints and Repairs
Broekhuis, Hans
2022-11 [pdf]VO or OV: V to v or not to v
Borges, Humberto
2022-11 [pdf]Null subjects: a state-of-the-art review
Broekhuis, Hans
2022-11 [pdf]Object shift and object scrambling in Germanic
Weber, Natalie
Brown, Tyler
Celli, Joshua
Denham, Mckenzie
Dykstra, Hailey
Hernandez-Merlin, Rodrigo
Hochstein, Evan
Hwang, Pinyu
Kidd, Nico
Kulmizev, Diana
Morrison, Hannah
Norris, Matty
Venkatraman, Lena
2022-11 [pdf]Blackfoot Words: A database of Blackfoot lexical forms
Cavirani, Edoardo
Hamann, Silke
2022-11 [pdf]Formalising phonological perception: The role of voicing assimilation in consonant cluster perception in Emilian dialects
Abels, Klaus
Grabska, Dagmara
2022-11 [pdf]On the distribution of scope ambiguities in Polish
Kiss, Tibor
Pieper, Jutta
Börner, Alicia
2022-11 [pdf]Word order constraints on event-internal modifiers
Pilszczikowa-Chodak, Nina
2022-11 [pdf]On the Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Patterns N6 and N7 of Disyllabic Base Words of Contemporary Hawaiian

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