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Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Free eBook for Historical Linguists.
Lee, Tommy Tsz-Ming
freshly changed [pdf]Last but not least: a comparative perspective on right dislocation in Alasha Mongolian
Hewett, Matthew
new [pdf]The (lack of) Case for A-movement
Chunstevenzhou, Chun
new [pdf]opposition is a kind of similairy
Piantadosi, Steven
freshly changed [pdf]Modern language models refute Chomsky’s approach to language
Ramotowska, Sonia
Marty, Paul
Romoli, Jacopo
Santorio, Paolo
new [pdf]Undefined Counterfactuals: Experimental Evidence for Selection Semantics
Manova, Stela
new [pdf]ChatGPT, n-grams and the power of subword units: The future of research in morphology
Frank, Robert
Min, William
Mittal, Abhisar
Zhong, Billy
new [pdf]The Antisymmetry of Syntactic Structure: A View from Automorphisms
Giorgi, Alessandra
new [pdf]Micro-discourses and context-enrichment: Interjections, vocatives and adversative particles
Gilbert, Madeline
new [pdf]Conflicting standards and variability: Spirantization in two varieties of Uruguayan Spanish
Burns, Roslyn
new [pdf]Balancing social determinism vs. sound change
Kasenov, Daniar
new [pdf]Pseudo-ABA patterns and the generative power of Nanosyntax
Burght, Constantijn
Friederici, Angela D.
Maran, Matteo
Papitto, Giorgio
Pyatigorskaya, Elena
Schroën, Joëlle
Trettenbrein, Patrick C.
Zaccarella, Emiliano
freshly changed [pdf]Cleaning up the Brickyard: How Theory and Methodology Affect Experimental Outcome in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
Cançado, Márcia
Amaral, Luana
Meirelles, Letícia
Foltran, Maria José
new [pdf]Psych verbs: The behavior of the ObjExp verbs in Brazilian Portuguese
Herrera, Rafael
freshly changed [pdf]Demostrativos adnominales y adverbiales en náhuatl de Milpa Alta
Watumull, Jeffrey
Chomsky, Noam
Roberts, Ian
new [pdf]The False Promise of ChatGPT
É. Kiss, Katalin
new [pdf]From relative proadverb to general complementizer: The evolution of the Hungarian hogy 'that'
Knyazev, Mikhail
freshly changed [pdf]Neither a lexical verb nor a complementizer: evidential SAY-based complements in Chuvash
Olivier, Marc
Sevdali, Christina
Folli, Raffaella
new [pdf]Clitic climbing and restructuring in the history of French
Simik, Radek
freshly changed [pdf]Polar question semantics and bias: Lessons from Slavic/Czech
Johnston, William
new [pdf]Causation and serialization in White Hmong
Feinmann, Diego
freshly changed [pdf]Is Hyperbole a Scalar Inference?
Zhang, Linmin
Wang, Lingting
Yang, Jinbiao
Qian, Peng
Wang, Xuefei
Qiu, Xipeng
Zhang, Zheng
Tian, Xing
new [pdf]Can Computers Understand Words Like Humans Do? Comparable Semantic Representation in Neural and Computer Systems
Yuan, Michelle
2023-09 [pdf]Morphological conditions on movement chain resolution: Inuktitut noun incorporation revisited
Goodhue, Daniel
Shimoyama, Junko
2023-09 [pdf]Embedded negative polar questions in Japanese: Explaining the puzzling distribution of embedded noncanonical negation via the speech act embedding complementizer 'to'
Privizentseva, Mariia
2023-09 [pdf]Late Merge and Cyclicity
Rouillard, Vincent
2023-09 [pdf]A Semantic Account of Distributional Constraints on Temporal in-Adverbials
Schlenker, Philippe
Lamberton, Jonathan
Kuhn, Jeremy
2023-09 [pdf]Sign Language Semantics [Survey Article]
Bar-Lev, Moshe E.
Katzir, Roni
2023-09 [pdf]Attested connectives are better at answering questions
Yuan, Michelle
2023-09 [pdf]Two restrictions on pronominal clitics in San Juan Piñas Mixtec (Tò'ōn Ndā'ví)

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