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Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Free eBook for Historical Linguists.
Sportiche, Dominique
freshly changed [pdf]The Coordinate Structure Constraint: not a constraint on movement
Driemel, Imke
Kouneli, Maria
freshly changed [pdf]C-Agree is local subject-verb agreement in Kipsigis
Abuelrob, Ibrahim
new [pdf]The case of (mis)matched morphosyntactic features and changing political stances in Palestinian youth chats on WhatsApp
Gray, James
new [pdf]Topics in Pintupi-Luritja syntax and semantics
Henderson, Matthew
Grosz, Patrick Georg
Graham, Kirsty
Hobaiter, Catherine
Patel-Grosz, Pritty
freshly changed [pdf]Shared semantics: Exploring the interface between human and chimpanzee gestural communication
Cortés Rodríguez, Álvaro
new [pdf]Which syntactician which kind of ellipsis: An experimental investigation of multiple sluicing
Khalaily, Samir
new [pdf]Syntax of the Palestinian Arabic negation- associated exclusive construction
Tsilia, Anastasia
new [pdf]Proleptic constructions in Modern Greek
Lionnet, Florian
freshly changed [pdf]Tonal languages without tone: downstep in Drubea and Numèè (Oceanic, New Caledonia)
Cortés Rodríguez, Álvaro
Griffiths, James
new [pdf]An experimental investigation of the clausemate condition in German multiple sluicing
Andréia, De Souza
freshly changed [pdf]There is only one rhotic phoneme in Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan: a coda mirror consonant analysis in CVCV phonology
Foley, Steven
new [pdf]Case, word order, and the incremental disambiguation of grammatical roles in Georgian
Massaro, Angelapia
Samo, Giuseppe
new [pdf]Prompting Metalinguistic Awareness in Large Language Models: ChatGPT and Bias Effects on the Grammar of Italian and Italian Varieties
Gallego, Ángel J.
Chomsky, Noam
new [pdf]Un programa minimista para el estudio del lenguaje
Bondarenko, Tanya
Zompi', Stanislao
freshly changed [pdf]Leftover Agreement
Przepiórkowski, Adam
Borysiak, Magdalena
Głowacki, Adam
new [pdf]An Argument for Symmetric Coordination from Dependency Length Minimization: A Replication Study
Lu, Jiayi
Frank, Michael
Degen, Judith
freshly changed [pdf]A Meta-analysis of Syntactic Satiation in Extraction from Islands
Denić, Milica
Szymanik, Jakub
freshly changed [pdf]Languages optimize the trade-off between lexicon size and average utterance length: A case study of numeral systems
Spector, Benjamin
Sportiche, Dominique
new [pdf]Does Quantifier Raising really obey the Coordinate Structure Constraint?
Paparounas, Lefteris
Salzmann, Martin
freshly changed [pdf]First conjunct clitic doubling in Modern Greek: Evidence for Agree-based approaches to clitic doubling
Murphy, Elliot
2024-02 [pdf]What is a word?
Roversi, Giovanni
2024-02 [pdf]Possession and syntactic categories: An argument from Äiwoo
Moltmann, Friederike
2024-02 [pdf]Levels of Ontology and Natural Language: the Case of the Ontology of Parts and Wholes
van Alem, Astrid
2024-02 [pdf]Complementizer agreement is clitic doubling: evidence from intervention effects in Frisian and Limburgian
Clem, Emily
Deal, Amy Rose
2024-02 [pdf]Dependent case by Agree: ergative in Shawi
Nouwen, Rick
2024-02 [pdf]The semantics and probabilistic pragmatics of deadjectival intensifiers
Yuan, Michelle
2024-02 [pdf]Morphological conditions on movement chain resolution: Inuktitut noun incorporation revisited
Panagiotidis, Phoevos
2024-02 [pdf]Against semantic features: the view from derivational affixes
Frampton, John
2024-02 [pdf]Heavy Syllable Effects in Some Trochaic Syllable-counting Word-stress Systems

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