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Chen, Victoria
new [pdf]The syntax of Philippine-type alignment: Insights from case-marking
Chen, Victoria
freshly changed [pdf]Hybrid A- and A-bar agreement as voice morphology: Insights from Austronesian and beyond
Gravely, Brian
Gupton, Timothy
freshly changed [pdf]The left-peripheral syntax of Brazilian Portuguese cadê
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Free eBook for Historical Linguists.
Abels, Klaus
Neeleman, Ad
new [pdf]e
Motiee, Pardis
freshly changed [pdf]The Emergence of a Possible Coded Vocabulary After the Application of an Algorithm in the Voynich Manuscript
Li, Ying
new [pdf]A Comparison of Perception-Based and Production-Based Training Approaches to Adults’ Learning of L2 Sounds
Buenrostro, Cristina
Royer, Justin
new [pdf]Demostrativos nominales en Chuj de San Mateo Ixtatán
Abzianidze, Lasha
Bylinina, Lisa
Paperno, Denis
new [pdf]Semantics and Deep Learning
Du, Naiyan
Durvasula, Karthik
new [pdf]Psycholinguistics and Phonology: the forgotten foundations of generative phonology
Royer, Justin
Buenrostro, Cristina
Jenks, Peter
new [pdf]The syntax of quantification and focus in Chuj
Lionnet, Florian
freshly changed [pdf]The features and geometry of tone in Laal
Bogomolets, Ksenia
new [pdf]Possessive prefixes across Algonquian: Evidence for two separate paradigms.
Roberts, Craige
new [pdf]Imperatives in a dynamic pragmatics
Lacerda, Renato
new [pdf]Ruling out VSO and VOS constructions in Brazilian Portuguese
Burukina, Irina
new [pdf]Restricting person in comitative conjunction
Benbaji, Ido
Doron, Omri
freshly changed [pdf]Adversative only is only only
Schwarzer, Luise
freshly changed [pdf]Determiner sharing in German by clausal ellipsis and split topicalization
Champollion, Lucas
Bernard, Timothée
new [pdf]Negation and modality in unilateral truthmaker semantics
Rolle, Nicholas
2023-12 [pdf]A tonological rarity: Tone-driven epenthesis in Ghomala’
Krecioch, Joseph
2023-12 [pdf]Natural Language Conjunction: Universal Grammar or Universal Logic?
Law, Jess
Li, Haoze
Bhadra, Diti
2023-12 [pdf]Force shift as speech act anchoring
Schlenker, Philippe
Coye, Camille
Salis, Ambre
Steinert-Threlkeld, Shane
Ravaux, Lucie
Chemla, Emmanuel
2023-12 [pdf]Anti-Babel: Three Degrees of Interspecies Comprehension
Feinmann, Diego
2023-11 [pdf]Contradictoriness
Moltmann, Friederike
2023-11 [pdf]A New Approach to the Semantics of Attitude Reports and Modal Sentences
Moltmann, Friederike
2023-11 [pdf]The Ontology of Attitudinal and Modal Objects
Stegovec, Adrian
2023-11 [pdf]The Third Way: Optional object reordering as ambiguous labeling resolution
Henderson, Matthew
Grosz, Patrick Georg
Graham, Kirsty
Hobaiter, Catherine
Patel-Grosz, Pritty
2023-11 [pdf]Shared semantics: Exploring the interface between human and chimpanzee gestural communication
Ranero, Rodrigo
Royer, Justin
2023-11 [pdf]Null Complement Anaphora cannot involve transitivity alternations: A novel argument from Mayan
Grestenberger, Laura
2023-11 [pdf]Sound change and analogy, again: Brugmann's Law and the hunt for o-grades in Indo-Iranian

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