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Austin, Patrik
2022-03 [pdf]A semantic and pragmatic explanation of harmony
Broekhuis, Hans
freshly changed [pdf]Simplex reflexives in Dutch
De Santo, Aniello
new [pdf]Evaluating Structural Economy Claims in Relative Clause Attachment
Biskup, Petr
new [pdf]Aspect Separated from Aspectual Markers in Russian and Czech
Herrera, Rafael
new [pdf]Numeral constructions with classifiers in Sixteenth-Century Central Nahuatl
Lauer, Sven
Nadathur, Prerna
new [pdf]Sufficiency causatives
Nadathur, Prerna
Lassiter, Daniel
new [pdf]Unless, exceptives, and the pragmatics of conditionals
Bonan, Caterina
freshly changed [pdf]A primitive mapping of the criterial field of focus
Colasanti, Valentina
new [pdf]Criterial positions as diagnostics in Italo-Romance: some highs and lows
Hathout, Nabil
Namer, Fiammetta
freshly changed [pdf]ParaDis: a Family and Paradigm model
Galasso, Joseph
freshly changed [pdf]Lectures in the Minimalist Program: Syntheses & Exegeses
Kobayashi, Filipe Hisao
Rouillard, Vincent
new [pdf]Lexically triggered uniqueness in wh-questions: An argument from Brazilian Portuguese
Masloch, Simon
Poppek, Johanna
Robrecht, Amelie
Kiss, Tibor
freshly changed [pdf]Syntactic Pattern Distribution Analysis of Experiencer-Object Psych Verbs – An Annotation Manual
Moltmann, Friederike
new [pdf]Natural Language Ontology. Ontology as Grammar?
Shapiro, Naomi
Anttila, Arto
new [pdf]On the Phonology and Semantics of Deaccentuation
Bade, Nadine
Chung, Woojin
Picat, Léo
Dudley, Rachel
Mascarenhas, Salvador
freshly changed [pdf]A model for pragmatic strengthening - Evidence from a new priming paradigm
Nicolas, David
new [pdf]Mixtures and Mass Terms
Bade, Nadine
Picat, Léo
Chung, Woojin
Mascarenhas, Salvador
freshly changed [pdf]Alternatives and attention in language and reasoning--The case of modals
Galasso, Joseph
new [pdf]A Note on Artificial Intelligence and the critical recursive implementation: The lagging problem of ‘background knowledge
Xiang, Yimei
2022-01 [pdf]Quantifying into wh-dependencies: Composing multi-wh questions and questions with quantifiers
Sampson, Geoffrey
2022-01 [pdf]Linguistics Begins: the biological paradigm
Everett, Daniel
2022-01 [pdf]Peirce's Universal Grammar: Some Implications for Modern Linguistics
Lang, Feng
2022-01 [pdf]An imagery-based theory Chinese character information configuration
T.davidova, Svetlana
2022-01 [pdf]Can climate instability explain human speciation and language evolution?
Massaro, Angelapia
2022-01 [pdf]Apulian Binominal Qualitative Noun Phrases
Storme, Benjamin
Otilien, Jocelyn
2022-01 [pdf]Phonologically conditioned suppletive allomorphy in Haitian as morphological optimization
T.davidova, Svetlana
Tonhauser, Judith
Degen, Judith
2022-01 [pdf]Which predicates are factive? An empirical investigation
Rudaitis, Ignas
2022-01 [pdf]The XYZ effect in phonotactics (manuscript)
Massaro, Angelapia
2022-01 [pdf]Romance genitives: agreement, definiteness, and phases

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8. Tonhauser/Degen - Which predicates are factive? An empirical investigation
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