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Bondarenko, Tanya
new [pdf]Anatomy of an Attitude
Smith, Mark
new [doc]Distributional analysis and the acquisition of lexical categories
Guo, Yiyang
Ye, Shumian
freshly changed [pdf]Pluractionality via competition: VV in Mandarin Chinese
Zhang, Linmin
freshly changed [pdf]Focus intervention effects revisited: A semantics-pragmatics approach
Verdecchia, Matías
new [pdf]Islas fantasma y fallas presuposicionales
Galasso, Joseph
new [pdf]The Acquisition of Inflection and the Dual Mechanism Model
Galasso, Joseph
new [pdf]INFL and the Emergence of DP: The Acquisition of Agreement features
Collins, Chris
freshly changed [pdf]Negating Gradable Adjectives
Przepiórkowski, Adam
freshly changed [pdf]Coordination and Binary Branching
Haider, Hubert
freshly changed [pdf]Is Chat-GPT a grammatically competent informant?
Storme, Benjamin
freshly changed [pdf]Paradigm uniformity effects on French liaison
Toosarvandani, Maziar
freshly changed [pdf]The interpretation and grammatical representation of animacy
Bill, Cory
Koev, Todor
new [pdf]Question Bias
Bryant, Shannon
Kovač, Iva
Wurmbrand, Susi
new [pdf]Forward, backward, crossed: Voice restructuring and its semantics
Rolle, Nicholas
Orie, Olanike
freshly changed [pdf]Vowel harmony in non-Bantu Niger-Congo languages
Jolin, Armel
new [pdf]On the non-polarity of Kipsigis across-the-board polarity
Burght, Constantijn
Friederici, Angela D.
Maran, Matteo
Papitto, Giorgio
Pyatigorskaya, Elena
Schroën, Joëlle
Trettenbrein, Patrick C.
Zaccarella, Emiliano
freshly changed [pdf]Cleaning up the Brickyard: How Theory and Methodology Affect Experimental Outcome in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Michelioudakis, Dimitris
new [pdf]Extraction without an escape hatch: The case of Greek possessor extraction
Angelopoulos, Nikos
Michelioudakis, Dimitris
new [pdf]Extraction without an escape hatch: The case of Greek possessor extraction
Hu, Jennifer
Levy, Roger
new [pdf]Prompt-based methods may underestimate large language models' linguistic generalizations
Jouitteau, Melanie
freshly changed [pdf]A practice-based approach to the documentation of a heritage language: speakers profiles and varieties of Breton
Landau, Idan
new [pdf]A Selectional Theory of Adjunct Control: Introduction
Gauthier, Jon
Levy, Roger
new [pdf]The neural dynamics of auditory word recognition and integration
Kim, Min-Joo
new [pdf]Anaphoric Marking in Bare Noun Languages: When and Why Demonstratives Are Needed
Jouitteau, Melanie
Torres-Tamarit, Francesc
freshly changed [pdf]The Syntax of Modern Breton
Caha, Pavel
2023-05 [pdf]A default theory of default case
Chabot, Alex
2023-05 [pdf]Prosodic strength in Campidanese Sardinian as Substance-Free Phonology
Rudin, Deniz
2023-05 [pdf]Embedded Intonation and Quotative Complements to Verbs of Speech
Vocatives, Saleem Abdelhady & Marwa Alkinj
2023-05 [pdf]Vocatives of Entreaty in Arabic: Evidence for PP Selection
Richards, Norvin
2023-05 [pdf]Reconstructing Stress in Wôpanâak

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