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Agodio, Badiba Olivier
Jenks, Peter
Sande, Hannah
Zimmermann, Malte
2023-12 [pdf]Indexed definiteness without demonstratives in Guébie
Herce, Borja
new [pdf]Emergence and evolution of free variation in Central Pame prefixes: Sound change vs. paradigmatic structure
Aremu, Daniel
new [pdf]Topic and focus asymmetries in Yorùbá
Murugesan, Gurujegan
Driemel, Imke
Murphy, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Omnivorous person, number and gender in Mundari: A Cyclic Agree analysis
Lamont, Andrew
freshly changed [pdf]Optimality Theory is not computable
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Astrology Series, No. 4. MS 408.
Wiland, Bartosz
freshly changed [pdf]Polish prefix stacking redux
Deal, Amy Rose
Royer, Justin
freshly changed [pdf]Mayan animacy hiearchy effects and the dynamics of Agree
Belth, Caleb
new [pdf]A Learning-Based Account of Phonological Tiers
McMahon, Clara
Pember, Kelsey
new [pdf]Rethinking strict negative concord: An investigation into double negation readings in Russian
Everett, Daniel
freshly changed [pdf]Frege's Error? Compositionality, Inference, and Final Causes
Piantadosi, Steven
freshly changed [pdf]Modern language models refute Chomsky’s approach to language
Ranero, Rodrigo
Royer, Justin
freshly changed [pdf]Deep and surface anaphora: A Mayan reappraisal
Alonso-Ovalle, Luis
Royer, Justin
new [pdf]Modal indefinites and semantic variation: Lessons from Chuj
Wang, Mengkai
new [pdf]Syntactic Experimental Evidence on Acceptability Variations of Wh-Island Effects in Chinese
Fyndanis, Valantis
new [pdf]Clinical Linguistics: Adult Neurogenic Disorders
Doron, Omri
Wehbe, Jad
new [pdf]On the pragmatic status of locally accommodated presuppositions
Wier, Thomas
freshly changed [pdf]'Whored-out to the KGB': Defining obscenities in Georgian and other languages of the Caucasus
Wier, Thomas
freshly changed [pdf]Kartvelian and Lexical Contact in the Ancient Caucasus
Maier, Emar
freshly changed [pdf]Reporting, telling, and showing dreams
Pregla, Andreas
new [pdf]Word order variability in OV languages. A study on scrambling, verb movement, and postverbal elements with a focus on Uralic languages
Vazquez Martinez, Hector Javier
Heuser, Annika
Yang, Charles
Kodner, Jordan
new [pdf]Evaluating the Existence Proof: LLMs as Cognitive Models of Language Acquisition
Cacchioli, Gioia
2024-07 [pdf]A note on Verum Focus in Tigrinya
Bobaljik, Jonathan David
2024-07 [pdf]OV∼VO in Itelmen: Information Structure and Postverbal objects in a Verb-final language
Reynolds, Brett
2024-07 [pdf]Prepositions in (English) Dictionaries
Landau, Idan
2024-07 [pdf]Reciprocal Shift and Symmetry Breaking
Jacobson, Pauline
2024-07 [pdf]A Categorial Grammar View of Syntactic Categories: Evidence from Coordination
Suarez-Palma, Imanol
2024-07 [pdf]Inalienable possession (and lack thereof) in Spanish
Zimmerling, Anton
2024-07 [pdf]Andrej Zaliznjak. Cutting off the unnecessary [Андрей Анатольевич Зализняк. Абстрагироваться от лишнего]
Zimmerling, Anton
2024-07 [pdf]Linguistics and Cryptophilology

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