Two components of long-distance extraction: Successive cyclicity in Dinka
Coppe van Urk, Norvin Richards
April 2013

This paper presents novel data from the Nilo-Saharan language Dinka, a language in which the syntax of successive-cyclic movement is remarkably transparent. We show that Dinka provides strong support for the view that long-distance extraction proceeds through the edge of every verb phrase and every clause on the path of movement (Chomsky 1986, 2000, 2001, 2008). In addition to this, long-distance dependencies in Dinka offer evidence that extraction from a CP requires agreement between v and the CP that is extracted from (Rackowski and Richards 2005; Den Dikken 2009a, 2012a,b). The claim that both of these components constrain long-distance movement is an important one, as much work on extraction has argued that one of these requirements can subsume the other. To accommodate it, we propose a modification of Rackowski and Richards (2005), in which both intermediate movement and Agree relations between phase heads are necessary steps in establishing a long-distance dependency. Comments appreciated!
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Reference: lingbuzz/001766
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Published in: To appear in Linguistic Inquiry
keywords: successive cyclicity - long-distance dependencies - phase theory - intermediate movement - dinka, syntax
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