Case matching and syncretism in ATB dependencies
Johannes Hein, Andrew Murphy
November 2020

Syncretism has been reported to have the peculiar property of repairing violations of syntactic constraints, e.g. with agreement (Schütze 2003, Bhatt & Walkow 2013) and case matching (Citko 2005, van Craenenbroeck 2012). This paper puts forward the view that in one well-reported instance of syncretism repair of case-matching violations with ATB-movement, this repair follows directly from the nature of ATB movement. We pursue a novel movement-based analysis that has proven to be a marginal approach in the ATB literature; ATB movement involves the actual fusion of two syntactic objects, via intersection of feature sets, resulting in a single new object. As well as deriving the one-to-many relation between fillers and gaps in ATB, we show how the `repair' effect of syncretism with case matching violations follows naturally once this mechanism of ATB is assumed.
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Published in: Studia Linguistica 74(2)
keywords: syncretism, atb, case matching, polish, intersection, morphology, syntax
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