Relative clauses and CP nominalization in Ndebele
Asia Pietraszko
November 2018

This paper argues for the existence direct clausal DP-shells – structures in which an embedded CP is directly dominated by a projection of D. While this structure has been proposed in previous literature, it poses a theoretical problem for the well-formedness of extended projections (Grimshaw, 1991, 2000), in which a D head must appear in the extended projection of a noun. A careful investigation of embedded clauses in Ndebele (verb-complement, noun-complement and relative clauses) points to the conclusion that the grammar must allow base generation of direct clausal DP shells.
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Reference: lingbuzz/003273
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Published in: Syntax (2019) with the title: "Obligatory CP nominalization in Ndebele"
keywords: clause nominalization, relative clauses, syntax, morphology, phonology, bantu, ndebele
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