The Unpublished Manuscript
Lena Baunaz, Pavel Caha, Karen De Clercq, Antonio Fábregas, Michaela Faltýnková, Richard Holaj, Lucie Janků, Eric Lander, Lucie Medova, Tarald Taraldsen, Guido Vanden Wyngaerd, Bartosz Wiland, Markéta Ziková
March 2019

On May 1st 2018, Michal Starke turned 50. We wanted to celebrate the occasion by compiling a small volume of papers for him that we’re uploading as a gift to Lingbuzz today. Importantly, the volume wants to be more than a birthday gift. We also want to pay tribute to Michal for the role he has played as the creator of Nanosyntax, a framework that the contributors to this volume love working in and that we feel has given us a new toolbox to approach the intricate and often gory details of natural language. In addition, we also want to thank Michal for founding Lingbuzz and for his lasting efforts to maintain it, thus providing the linguistic community - for decades now - with an online platform that stimulates the free dissemination of ideas.
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