A User's Guide to the Tolerance Principle
Charles Yang
October 2021

A discussion of conceptual and methodological issues in the application of the Tolerance Principle, slightly updated to include a recent experiment by Emond & Shi (2021). Also includes author's reply to commentary on the Tolerance Principle by Theresa Biberauer, Cécile De Cat, Laura Domínguez and Jorge González Alonso, Christine Dimroth, Adele E. Goldberg, Stefan Th. Gries, Vsevolod Kapatsinski, Jeffrey Lidz and Laurel Perkins, Silvina A. Montrul, Johanne Paradis, Tom Roeper, Jason Rothman and Noam Chomsky, Caroline F. Rowland, Roumyana Slabakova, Peter Svenonius, Eva Wittenberg and Ray Jackendoff, and Noriaki Yusa. The original article and the commentary can be found at https://www.ling.upenn.edu/~ycharles/papers/lab2018merged.pdf.
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keywords: productivity, tolerance principle, language acquisition, linguistic theory, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, morphology, syntax, phonology
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