Historical-Comparative Variation in Romance Differential Object Marking
Keith Tse
October 2019

While the use of Romance preposition ad as a Case-marker in Romance Differential Object Marking (DOM) is widely attested in Western Romance varieties (Rolhfs (1971), Nocentini (1985)), there has not yet been a comprehensive and systematic description of the comparative Romance data which reveals interesting microvariations in different systems of DOM across Romance varieties. This paper seeks to account for the historical-comparative distribution of ad as a DOM-marker in Romance by resorting to well-established DOM-parameters in the nominal and verbal domains (Serzant and Witzlack-Makarevich (2018)) as represented in cartographic models of Minimalist syntax (Cinque (1999, 2002)). Based on these premises, three macrotypes of Romance DOM are established and their common historical roots in Latin/proto-Romance are investigated.
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keywords: romance, romance linguistics, latin, latin philology, preposition, case-marker, case, differential argument marking, dam, differential object marking, dom, historical linguistics, comparative linguistics, microparameters, parameters, syntax-semantics interface, formal syntax, minimalism, chomsky, spanish, italian, portuguese, catalán, syntactic variation, semantics, morphology, syntax
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