Dimensiones del significado. Una introducción a la semántica formal
Andrés Saab, Fernando Carranza
March 2021

This a an introduction to formal semantics divided in three parts. The first part contains the basic ingredients of extensional semantics including a full chapter on eventive semantics. The second part is an introduction to intensional semantics with reference to phenomena such as modality and tense. Finally, we present and critically review the semantics of conventional implicatures as designed by Potts (2005). This part has an in-depth study of epithets, expressives and slurs in Spanish. The book contains more than 70 exercises and their step by step solutions. This is the first draft, so we appreciate any correction or comment you have for us. SECOND VERSION (19.05.2020): Typos corrected and a terminological mistake in chapter 1. THIRD VERSION (30.06.2020): Lot of typos corrected by Matias Verdecchia. FOURTH VERSION (28.08.2020): Substantial corrections: many typos, some conceptual issues, and so on. We have also changed the statement of the semantic axioms in the last chapters. For chapters 11 and 12 we used Potts' type of formulation and for chapter 13 we used proof tree statements. So the students can familiarize with different types of notation systems. FIFTH VERSION (6.09.2020): Minor typos corrected. We also added a brief discussion on Frege's theory of color in chapter 11. VERSION 6 (28.11.2020): Minor typos corrected. Final formatting. Version 7 (26.03.2021): Minor typos corrected.
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Published in: Buenos Aires: Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosófico
keywords: meaning, spanish, semantics, syntax
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