L1 phonological effects on L2 (non-)naïve perception: A cross-language investigation of the oral-nasal vowel contrast in Brazilian Portuguese
Ruth Martinez, Heather Goad, Michael Dow
May 2021

Feature-based approaches to acquisition principally focus on second language (L2) learners’ ability to perceive non-native consonants when the features required are either contrastively present or entirely absent from the first language (L1) grammar. As features such as [nasal] may function contrastively or allophonically in the consonant and/or vowel systems of a language, we expand the scope of this research by examining perception of the oral-nasal contrast in Brazilian Portuguese listeners from French, English, Caribbean Spanish, and non-Caribbean Spanish backgrounds, languages that differ in the status assigned to [nasal] in their vowel systems.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005409
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Published in: submitted
keywords: perception, nasal vowels, features, redeployment, second language acquisition, english, french, portuguese, spanish, phonology
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