Dataset of Spanish Verb+Noun Compounds and Related Constructions
Esther Pascual, Marqueta Barbara
January 2023

This document presents an updated self-compiled dataset of 1,417 Spanish verb-noun compounds. The examples are divided into two sections: (i) VC compounds from lexicographical sources and academic publications, and (ii) creative VC compounds from the internet, popular culture, and one-time occurrences in spontaneous oral conversations heard by the authors. We provide minimal coding and occasional explanations on relevant aspects of some examples, such as the presence of morphological variants, synonyms, translations of semantically obscure instances, and diversions from the unmarked form of the VN pattern (Verb stem + 3rd person singular present + Noun, understood as the Direct Object of the compound verb).
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Reference: lingbuzz/005500
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Published in: Journal of Linguistics (volume 60, 2023, 2024)
keywords: spanish, verb-noun compounds, verb-complement compounds, conventionalized, creative
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