A phonological model of Uyghur intonation
Travis Major, Connor Mayer
November 2021

This is a draft of a chapter/article that has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press in the forthcoming book Prosodic Typology III edited by Sun-Ah Jun and Sameer ud Dowla Khan due for publication in 2021. This chapter presents an intonational model for Uyghur (Turkic: China). First, it is demonstrated on the basis of acoustic measurements that Uyghur is a stress language that only uses edge-marking intonation. Although such languages are attested in the literature, this is the first autosegmental-metrical model of such a language. Next, a phonological model of Uyghur intonation is provided in the autosegmental-metrical framework, where the basic prosodic constituents and edge marking tones are described. We finish by applying this model to various sentence types and outlining areas for future research.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005557
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Published in: Prosodic Typology III
keywords: intonation, phonology, uyghur, autosegmental-metrical, stress, prosody, phonology
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