There is reconstruction for Condition C in English questions
Richard Stockwell, Aya Meltzer-Asscher, Dominique Sportiche
January 2021

It is theoretically foundational that Condition C persists after A-bar movement; that is, A-bar movement 'reconstructs' for Condition C. However, recent experimental work has questioned the existence of Condition C reconstruction in English (Bruening and Al Khalaf 2019), especially at a distance (Adger et al. 2017). On the contrary, this paper reports a formal, large-scale acceptability rating experiment which supports the claim that there is reconstruction for Condition C in English questions. The discussion reflects on distance, compares our experiment with previous studies, and speculates on a role for accent on the pronoun in alleviating Condition C effects.
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Published in: To appear in Proceedings of NELS 51
keywords: condition c, reconstruction, experiment, syntax
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