A prosodic theory of possible ellipsis remnants
Itai Bassi, Justin Colley
December 2020

We formulate a new generalization of the distribution of ellipsis remnants: Ellipsis cannot strand functional material to the exclusion of a potential prosodic host (the Stranding Generalization). Explaining the Stranding Generalization requires a theory of ellipsis in which the prosodic needs of ellipsis remnants can be taken into account. Drawing on Match Theory (Selkirk 2009;2011), we develop an account which locates the computation of ellipsis in the syntax-prosody mapping. The broader implications of our analysis, if successful, is that it motivates a view of ellipsis whereby any constraints on ellipsis beyond semantic recoverability are the result of competition between candidates for the possible phonological output of the syntactic input.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005647
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keywords: syntax; prosody; ellipsis; stranding generalization; match theory, syntax, phonology
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