Truthmaking, Satisfaction and the Force-Content Distinction
Friederike Moltmann
October 2021

This paper presents a novel perspective on the force-content distinction making use of truthmaker semantics and an ontology of attitudinal objects, things that are neither acts (or states) nor propositions. It argues that this approach is much better motivated by the linguistic facts than the standard proposition-based view, and it gives a novel norm-based definition of the notion of direction of fit, strictly linking truth and (non-action-guiding) correctness.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005735
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Published in: To appear in G. Mras / M. Schmitz (eds): Force, Content, and the Unity of the Proposition. Routledge
keywords: propositions, force, mood, mode, speech acts, embedded clauses, direction of fit, semantics, syntax
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