Full matrix of English determinative and pronoun features
Brett Reynolds
February 2021

I constructed the matrix of 138 rows for word forms (73 determinatives and 65 pronouns) and 232 columns for features. The list of word forms is based on the CGEL descriptions of determinatives and pronouns. It includes all words specifically mentioned as pronouns or de-terminative in CGEL. I use word forms, rather than lexemes. I gathered as many relevant features as I could. These were grouped as morphological (139), phonological (3), semantic (36), and syntactic (54) features. In the morphological group, there was a column for each word appearing as part of another word (e.g., any appears in any, anybody, anyone, anything, and anywhere). Almost all of the other features were taken from CGEL, but others sources were included where a particular concept had been deemed rele-vant by other researchers (e.g., must be outranked by a coindexed element (SAG; WASOW; BENDER, 2003, p. 292)) or those that struck me as possibly relevant (e.g., starts with /ð/). Unfortunately, the information is broadly distributed, especially in CGEL, and I expect I have overlooked various points. As I learn about omissions, I will include them in the table, which is publicly available and easily modified. I also include an appendix explaining the features with references.
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