The Romance Inter-Views: Syntax
Roberta D'Alessandro
February 2021

The Romance Inter-Views are short, multiple Q&A pairs that address key issues, definitions and ideas regarding Romance linguistics. Prominent exponents of different approaches to the study of Romance linguistics are asked to answer some general questions from their viewpoint. The answers are then assembled so that readers can get a comparative picture of what’s going on in the field. For the first Inter-Views we selected (morpho-)syntactic research, and asked 8 syntacticians, representing four approaches to the study of Romance linguistics, to answer our questions. The approaches we selected are Cartography, Distributed Morphology, Minimalism, and Nanosyntax. The scholars we interviewed are listed hereafter. For Cartography: Luigi Rizzi and Norma Schifano For Distributed Morphology: Karlos Arregi and Andrés Saab For Minimalism: Grant Armstrong and Caterina Donati For Nanosyntax: Karen De Clercq and Antonio Fábregas
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Published in: Isogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics
keywords: syntax; dm; cartography; minimalism;, syntax
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