Challenges for dependent case
András Bárány, Michelle Sheehan
March 2021

In this chapter, we highlight some potential challenges for the strongest possible version of dependent case theory which implies that Agree never mediates case assignment. The challenges come from contexts where non-DPs which are not case undergoes nonetheless function as case competitors and where the computation of case depends not only on the presence of another DP but on the comparison of the finer phi-features of two DPs (global case splits). In both contexts, we propose, an account based on Cyclic Agree fares better than the dependent case approach.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005823
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Published in: Accepted to appear in E. Anagnostopoulou, D. Mertyris & C. Sevdali (eds.), On the Place of Case in Grammar, OUP.
keywords: pcc, person case constraint, global case splits, cyclic agree, agree, causatives, faire infinitive, kashmiri, french, sahaptin, wampis, morphology, syntax
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