The Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Hawaiian Disyllabic Base Words Without an Initial Consonant
Nina Pilszczikowa-Chodak
June 2021

This article continues the search for principles of organization of words and the distribution of consonants and vowels in 1595 disyllabic base words found in Hawaiian Dictionary. The Table 1 presents 9 nuclei patterns found in disyllabic base words. At the left edge of the Table 1 are written 8 initial consonants: C1 of disyllabic base words: four obstruents: /',h,k,p/, four sonorants: /l,m,n,w/, and, at the bottom: O1, words without of a consonant in the initial position.This O1, the line of only 147 words, is of interest to this article. In Patterns N2-9 there are 47 disyllabic base words without C1. Out of these 47 words 12 words are also without C2, the initial consonant of the second syllable. Hence these 12 words contain only vowels: short, long, and diphthongs. Long vowels are marked by a colon.
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