Partially ordered case hierarchies
András Bárány
April 2021

I argue that patterns of case syncretism across languages can be modelled by partially, rather than totally, ordered case hierarchies. Partially ordered case hierarchies avoid the need for postulating multiple instances of the same case while retaining case contiguity in the representation of case syncretism. I discuss data from three languages in which differential object marking is syncretic with dative and show that partially ordered hierarchies capture these and other patterns of syncretism in line with some of the conclusions reached by Harðarson (2016) and Zompì (2019) about cross-linguistic patterns of case syncretism.
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Reference: lingbuzz/005911
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Published in: To appear in Glossa: A journal of general linguistics
keywords: case hierarchy, morphological case, case syncretism, differential object marking, morphology, syntax
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