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William Abler
May 2021

Here I show that the science in Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct (TLI) is half plagiarism, half fraud. TLI pages 84-85: “discrete combinatorial system”; “in a blending system the properties of the combination lie between the properties of the elements [Pinker’s italics] ... the properties of the elements are lost in the average”; “blending systems like geology ... weather [Pinker’s italics]”; “First is the sheer vastness of language”. All stolen from my 1989 paper On the particulate principle of self-diversifying systems. Journal of Social and Biological Structures 12(1):1-13, pages 1 and 2; “Infinity is achieved ... not by varying some signal along a continuum like the mercury in a thermometer” from my page 8. By omitting to mention that the particulate principle applies to the atoms, and is thus a theory in physics, and older than anything in biology, Pinker maintains a false impression of properties in biology. Thus when Pinker (TLI p. 363) explicitly rejects “an undiscovered corollary of the laws of physics”, he knows that his entire concept is based on exactly such a “corollary”, the particulate principle. Objects in biology evolve according to formulas in mathematics which do not, themselves, evolve. Language belongs to the formulas, not the objects, and did not evolve.
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