The Match-Extend Serialization Algorithm in Multiprecedence
Maxime Papillon
June 2021

Raimy (1999; 2000a; 2000b) proposed a graphical formalism for modeling reduplication, originallymostly focused on phonological overapplication in a derivational framework. This framework is now known as Precedence-based phonology or Multiprecedence phonology. Raimy's idea is that the segments at the input to the phonology are not totally ordered by precedence. This paper tackles a challenge that arose with Raimy's work, the development of a deterministic serialization algorithm as part of the derivation of surface forms. The Match-Extend algorithm introduced here requires fewer assumptions and sticks tighter to the attested typology. The algorithm also contains no parameter or constraint specific to individual graphs or topologies, unlike previous proposals. Match-Extend requires nothing except knowing the last added set of links.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006011
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Published in: Proceedings of SIGMORPHON 2021
keywords: reduplication, multiprecedence, precedence-based phonology, serialization, linearization, morphology, phonology
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