A Minimalist Analysis of jā for Coordination in Jordanian Arabic
September 2021

This study examines the use of the particle jā as a scope indicator and as a disjunctive coordinator in Jordanian Arabic. This particle has those functions in structures that necessitate the interpretation of two copies of jā. The first copy functions as a scope indicator either, while the second copy functions as a disjunctive co-ordinator or. This architecture is contextualized by a discussion of recent attempts at syntactizing particles. This study provides a way to account for the conjunctive nature of jā, which is left unexplored in previous accounts. Some of data of the study is extracted from the natural speech of thirty hours of radio conversations that have been obtained from Radio Fan Fm and and Facebook posts and comments for speakers of Jordanian Arabic. Another source of data came from the intuitions of native speakers of Jordanian Arabic. The study utilizes the Minimalist Program for data analysis and develops a battery of tests to highlight syntactic contexts of jā when it functions for coordination.
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Published in: SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics
keywords: coordination, minimalism, syntax, jordanian arabic, syntax
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