Phonemicization of the glottal stop due to political correctness in German
Hubert Haider
April 2022

[Final version. Please, do not quote previous versions] In standard German usage, such as in public broadcasting and TV, the glottal stop has recently turned phonemic. Up to the present, it has been allophonic only. This change is an immediate upshot of politically correct gendering. The new gendering suffix is a variant of an existing vowel-initial gender suffix, but with a glottal stop as syllable onset, which turns the new suffix into a phonological word.
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Published in: The German version of this paper, entitled „Phonematisierung des glottalen Plosivs aufgrund politischer Korrektheit?“, has been submitted to: Meinunger, André & Trutkowski, Ewa (eds.) "Die Teufelin steckt immer noch im Detail." Berlin: Kadmos.
keywords: phonology, glottal stop, from allophone to phoneme, phonological word, socio-linguistics, morphology, semantics, diachrony, language fashions, political correctness, grammatical gender, biological gender, gendering, sex and language.
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