Binding without variables: Solving the under-generation problems
Yimei Xiang
November 2021

The variable-free semantics of Jacobson (1999, 2000, 2014) derives binding relations by a locally applied type-shifting rule called ‘z’. This rule, however, under-generates binding. To solve this problem, I replace the z-rule with the dependency-generating rule ‘i’, which applies to predicates that contain a bindable pronoun. Furthermore, to account for the interactions between scoping and binding, I enrich the variable-free system by combining it with a two-dimensional analysis of quantifiers. Topics covered in this paper include: binding into adjuncts, possessor binding, scope ambiguity, inverse linking, weak crossover, and ‘paycheck pronouns’.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006200
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Published in: Proceedings of SALT 31
keywords: pronouns, binding, variable-free, direct compositionality, non-c-commanding binding, scoping, inverse linking, weak crossover, paycheck pronouns, categorial grammar, semantics, syntax
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