Prosodic words across large domains in Choctaw
Matthew Tyler, George Aaron Broadwell
October 2021

Choctaw (ISO:cho) has some large prosodic words which appear to include an overt or null copula. This article first discusses some phonological tests for the right edge of a prosodic word, which we use to support the claim that the overt copula may encliticize onto its complement. This sometimes results in prosodic words that span over domains that include a clause boundary. Our account of this phenomenon relies on the idea of prosodic pre-specification. Additionally, we discuss the prosodic behavior of the null copula, and implications for the syntax-prosody interface.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006240
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Published in: Proceedings of WSCLA 25
keywords: prosody, choctaw, cliticization, match theory, syntax-prosody interface, syntax, phonology
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