Bengali Verb-stranding VP Ellipsis and Ellipsis Identity Conditions
Shrayana Haldar
May 2020

In the first half of this paper, I demonstrate that Bengali has Verb-stranding VP Ellipsis (VVPE) with a series of diagnostics. In the second half of it, I show that Bengali violates Goldberg's (2005) Verbal Identity Requirement (VIR) and that VIR is violated in many other languages as well. I the show that the VIR is not something we should expect to be characteristic of VVPE because of general properties of ellipsis identity conditions and, borrowing insights from Merchant (2018), Schoorlemmer and Temmerman (2012) and Portlance (2019), I suggest that the VIR is an illusion that arises from deeper interactions between syntax and prosody, more specifically, pitch accent, and that a typology of VIR "effects" can be charted.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006247
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Published in: Unpublished manuscript
keywords: bengali, vvpe, vp ellipsis, ellipsis, prosody, pitch accent, verbal identity requirement, syntax
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