A'ingae syllabic weight [abstract]
Maksymilian Dąbkowski
October 2019

A'ingae (Cofán) is an endangered language isolate spoken in Ecuador and Colombia. Previous research does not recognize the relevance of syllabic weight to the language's phonology (Borman, 1962; Fischer and Hengeveld, forthcoming; Repetti-Ludlow et al., 2019). I show that diphthongs (the language's only heavy nuclei) and glottal stops (its only codas) both contribute to weight in two different ways, and that weight interacts with morpheme-specific stress patterns.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006252
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Published in: 9th Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America
keywords: glottal, stop, weight, foot, trochee, trochaic, prosody, prominence, laryngeal, isolate, ecuador, feature, glottalization, morphology, phonology
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