Tastes and the Ontology of Impersonal Perception Reports
Friederike Moltmann
October 2021

This paper outlines a novel semantics of sentences about taste ('this tastes good') which is based on an ontology of taste occurrences and taste objects and does away with implicit experiencers or judges. The semantics generalizes to other impersonal perception reports ('this looks red', 'this sounds good' etc) with their ontology of perceptual occurrences and perceptual objects, including those with agent-centered situations as the objects of perception ('it looks as if it is going to rain').
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Published in: To appear in J. Wyatt, J. Zakkou, and D. Zeeman (eds): Perspectives on Taste. Routledge
keywords: impersonal verbs, logophoricity, perception verbs, taste judgments, ontology, faultless disagreement, semantics, syntax
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