Attention and Locality: On clause-boundedness and its exceptions in multiple sluicing
Matthew Barros, Robert Frank
November 2021

We provide an account of clause boundedness in multiple sluicing that also captures its exceptions. Clause-boundedness arises whenever an embedded clause's subject is not coreferential with a topical discourse referent in the embedding clause. Our account ties clause-boundedness to discourse factors. We discuss implementations that import sensitivity to information structure into the syntax, and compare our approach with recent work, in particular Grano and Lasnik (2018) and Abels and Dayal (2016), and demonstrate that their accounts both under and over generate. The empirical coverage of our account argues against purely syntacticized agreement-based approaches to clause-boundedness.
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Published in: Linguistic Inquiry (accepted)
keywords: clause-boundedness, sluicing, ellipsis, centering theory, pragmatics, syntax
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