Elided indexicals
David Blunier
November 2021

Indexical expressions raise interesting issues when involved in ellipsis phenomena, challenging both the theory of indexicality and that of ellipsis (Sag and Hankamer 1984, Bevington 1998, Chung 2000, Charnavel 2019). I develop here an account of indexicals in ellipsis sentences which crucially relies on conceiving ellipsis as a form of discourse anaphora and, as such, highly sensitive to pragmatic factors such as the question under discussion and at-issueness (Roberts, 2012), contrasting with approaches trying to define ellipsis through syntactic and/or semantic identity with a linguistic antecedent.
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keywords: indexicals, vp-ellipsis, pronouns, question under discussion, strict-sloppy, semantics, syntax
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