Czech is not [S[VO]] – A reply to Šimík & Jasinskaja
Hubert Haider, Luka Szucsich
December 2021

This is the reply to Radek Šimík & Katja Jasinskaja (Lingbuzz #006312). We demonstrate that contrary to their objections, Czech behaves in all relevant respects just as we expected & predicted, namely as a T3 language and not like an [S[VO]] language, as they try to argue.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006345
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Published in: 2022 in Theoretical Linguistics vol. 48 (Response to comments on the target paper)
keywords: syntax, morphology, semantics, slavic word order, slavonic, free word order, scrambling, svo vs. type-3, epp, adjuncts, superiority, impersonal passive, subjectless, case, empty expletive, null subject, russian, czech, slovak, slovenian, serbian, croatian, bosnian, bulgarian, macedonian, polish, sorbian, belorussian, ukrainian, french, italian, dutch, german, icelandic, norwegian, latin
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