Blackfoot Words: A database of Blackfoot lexical forms
Natalie Weber, Tyler Brown, Joshua Celli, Mckenzie Denham, Hailey Dykstra, Rodrigo Hernandez-Merlin, Evan Hochstein, Pinyu Hwang, Nico Kidd, Diana Kulmizev, Hannah Morrison, Matty Norris, Lena Venkatraman
November 2022

This paper describes the structure and creation of Blackfoot Words, a new relational database of lexical forms (inflected words, stems, and morphemes) in Blackfoot (Algonquian; ISO 639-3: bla). To date, we have digitized 63,493 individual lexical forms from 30 sources, representing all four major dialects, and spanning the years 1743–2017. Version 1.1 of the database includes lexical forms from nine of these sources. This project has two aims. The first is to digitize and provide access to the lexical data in these sources, many of which are difficult to access and discover. The second is to organize the data so that connections can be made between instances of the “same” lexical form across all sources, despite variation across sources in the dialect recorded, orthographic conventions, and the depth of morpheme analysis. The database structure was developed in response to these aims. The database comprises five tables: Sources, Words, Stems, Morphemes, and Lemmas. The Sources table contains bibliographic information and commentary on the sources. The Words table contains inflected words in the source orthography. Each word is broken down into stems and morphemes which are entered into the Stems and Morphemes tables in the source orthography. The Lemmas table contains abstract versions of each stem or morpheme in a standardized orthography. Instances of the same stem or morpheme are linked to a common lemma. We expect that the database will support projects by the language community and other researchers. Published version:
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Reference: lingbuzz/006352
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Published in: Language Resources & Evaluation
keywords: blackfoot, algonquian, language change, language variation, lexical database, morphology, syntax, phonology
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