The syntax of inner aspect in Hungarian
Éva Kardos, Imola-Ágnes Farkas
January 2022

This paper is concerned with the syntactic representation of inner aspect in Hungarian. We contribute to the extant research on inner aspectual markers by providing an analysis of entailed versus implied telicity as well as the (non)maximality effects with which telic predicates are associated. Although we focus on the grammar of Hungarian, we also draw parallels between typologically different languages like Finno-Ugric (e.g. Hungarian and Finnish) and Germanic (e.g. English) regarding their inner aspectual marking strategies, and the interaction of inner aspect and case assignment
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Reference: lingbuzz/006394
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Published in: Journal of Linguistics 58
keywords: created object, consumed object, hungarian, inner aspect, pseudo-object, result predicate, verbal particle, semantics, syntax
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