Wordhood and stress in Garífuna
Maksymilian Dąbkowski
December 2021

Phonological words in Garífuna (Arawakan, ISO 639-3: cab) are characterized by obligatory and culminative stress. I discuss basic stress assignment in morphologically simplex forms. I identify stress as a diagnostic of phonological wordhood in morphologically complex forms. I describe and analyze the word-internal process of vowel hiatus resolution.
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keywords: dabkowski, garífuna, garifuna, garinagu, garínagu, arawakan, karif, metrical, meter, stress, vowel, hiatus, resolution, disyllabic, window, shift, word, phonological, wordhood, suffix, prefix, clitics, vocalic, tam, possession, slot, affix, affixation, prefixation, suffixation, sonority, hierarchy, sonorous, morphology, phonology
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