A Compositional Intersective Account of Heterofunctional Coordination
Adam Przepiórkowski
July 2022

The analysis presented in this paper extends the uniform intersective (“boolean”) treatment of conjunctive coordinators to Heterofunctional Coordination (HC), i.e., coordination of different grammatical functions. A compositional account of HC based on mainstream derivational syntax is proposed, one that makes Champollion’s (2015) “quantificational event semantics” compatible with derivational syntax. The analysis is based on the assumption, common in Minimalism, that traces of moved quantifiers denote domain restrictions rather than just variables.

[Version v1 is the original abstract, the current version is the first version of the full paper. The final version must be submitted by the end of September 2022, so comments welcome – especially by mid-September!]
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Reference: lingbuzz/006489
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Published in: to appear in the proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 32 – comments welcome (especially by mid-September 2022)!
keywords: coordination, cumulativity, compositionality, event semantics, grammatical functions, traces, domain restrictions
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