Empathetic Attitude Reports
Friederike Moltmann
November 2023

I call 'empathetic attitude reports' attitude reports which contain a direct or indirect object in addition to a clausal complement such as 'I believe you that you will come back' and 'I understand you that you are not in the mood'. I will discuss a range of syntactic and semantic properties of such attitude reports and argue that they cannot be analysed in terms of two-place attitudinal relations but involve an essential interpersonal relation of trust or understanding. I will propose an analysis which makes use of the recent view (pursued by myself, Kratzer, Elliott, and Moulton) that clauses are predicates of content bearers rather than referential terms referring to propositions.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006491
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Published in: D. Gutzman / S. Repp (eds.): Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 26, 2021
keywords: propositional attitudes, content bearer, trust, understanding, faith, empathy, propositional anaphora, double-object constructions, semantics
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