Binding and Agreement in Distributed Coordinations
Zeljko Boskovic
August 2022

The paper discusses binding and agreement in constructions like which book and which magazine did Sue buy and Jon read respectively. They present a rare mismatch where different elements occupy SpecvP and SpecTP, which is shown to have consequences for the treatment of subject-oriented anaphors, anti-subject oriented pronouns and anaphor binding more generally, including agreement approaches to it and logophoricity. Agreement patterns in such constructions are shown to provide evidence that TPs can trigger agreement and that the following scenario is possible: X probes Y, then X moves up and probes Z from a higher position, with the features of Z realized on X. Such constructions are also shown to provide a new type of argument for the VP internal subject hypothesis and shed light on the precise locus of subject agreement. The behavior of Japanese object honorification in such constructions is also discussed, and shown to have consequences for the proper analysis of ATB.
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Published in: to appear in Proceedings of WCCFL 40
keywords: subject-oriented anaphors, logophors, anti-subject oriented pronouns, agreement, agree, coordination, vp internal subject hypothesis, across-the-board movement, honorification, syntax
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