Dutch morphosyntax and its interfaces (Habilitationsschrift)
Marijke De Belder
July 2022

This Habilschrift bundles an introduction on the interfaces in Distributed Morphology, articles on the Dutch morphosyntax-lexicon interface, the morphosyntax-semantics interface and the morphosyntax-phonology interface, all embedded in the framework of Distributed Morphology. It contains several articles on Dutch compounding, it discusses posture verbs and the inventory of copulas in Germanic languages that are based on posture verbs, allomorphy, epenthetic vowels, the diminutive -ke on honorific (hallokes) and experimental evidence that Dutch syllable structure correlates with the category of the word.
Format: [ pdf ]
Reference: lingbuzz/006725
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Published in: CvO Universitaet Oldenburg
keywords: interfaces; morphosyntax-lexicon interface; morphosyntax-semantics interface; morphosyntax-phonology interface; distributed morphology; compounding; posture verbs; copulas; allomorphy; epenthetic vowels; diminutive; honorific; syllable structure, syntax, phonology, semantics, morphology
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