Embedded-complement and discontinuous pseudogapping in Hybrid Type-Logical Grammar: A rejoinder to Kim and Runner (2022)
Yusuke Kubota, Bob Levine
August 2022

In their recent paper on pseudogapping in Construction Grammar/HPSG, Kim and Runner (2022) suggest that the analysis of pseudogapping in Hybrid Type-Logical Grammar (Hybrid TLG) presented in Kubota and Levine (2017) does not explain certain complex patterns of pseudogapping for which their own proposal does offer an account. Though Kim and Runner's (2022) remarks on Kubota and Levine (2017) leaves room for interpretation, we take it to be reasonably clear that they simply mean that it is difficult to see how such data could be formally accounted for in Kubota and Levine's proposal. The primary goal of our response is to refute Kim and Runner's claim on this interpretation. After refuting their claim on this interpretation, we consider a different interpretation of their remarks, one which merely questions the conceptual plausibility of Kubota and Levine's (2017) broader theoretical architecture. This latter discussion leads to some interesting and important cross-theoretical comparison of different approaches to ellipsis.

Though our discussion reproduces some of the formal analysis from Kubota and Levine (2014, 2017, 2020) for the purpose of clarity and explicitness, our main goal is not to dwell on the technical details, but rather to explain the key idea of the categorial grammar analysis by Kubota and Levine in intuitive terms (which is actually quite simple, once one figures out a way to temporarily withhold one's familiar phrase structure-based conception of grammar). We believe that even readers with zero background knowledge on categorial grammar should be able to see clearly the relevant theoretical contention, which will be of interest to any syntactician or semanticist, especially those working in the domain of ellipsis, and regardless of their theoretical persuasion.
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keywords: pseudogapping, ellipsis, hpsg, categorial grammar, construction grammar, hybrid type-logical grammar, english, semantics, syntax
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