Coordination, coherence and A’ingae clause linkage
Scott Anderbois, Daniel Altshuler
September 2022

This paper examines a particular type of clause linkage (‘bridging’) in A’ingae, an endangered isolate spoken in Amazonian Ecuador and Colombia. We propose a formal characterization of its meaning (to our knowledge the first formal account for any language) that relies crucially on two SDRT coherence relations: Narration and Background. We motivate this characterization with textual data and elicited data from context-relative felicity judgments, and propose to derive it from independently observable facts about prosody, coordination, and anaphora in the language.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006796
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Published in: Proceedings of SALT 32
keywords: anaphora, cofán, coherence, coordination, discourse topic, switch reference, semantics
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