The split-comparative hypothesis and the morphology of comparative adverbs in Czech
Pavel Caha, Karen De Clercq, Guido Vanden Wyngaerd
September 2022

This paper investigates complex allomorphy patterns in comparative adjectives and adverbs in Standard Czech and two of its dialects. We formulate an account of the allomorphy (including microparametric variation) within the Nanosyntax framework (Starke 2018). We argue that in order to capture the facts, we need to adopt two proposals. The first one is a split CMPR hypothesis (Caha et al. 2019), according to which the comparative head splits into two independent projections, C1 and C2. The second idea is a split ADV hypothesis (hinted at in Bobaljik 2012), according to which there are two positions for an ADV head in the functional sequence.
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keywords: adjectives, adverbs, allomorphy, comparative, nanosyntax, morphology
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