Attitude Verbs' Local Context
Kyle Blumberg, Simon Goldstein
September 2022

Schlenker 2009, 2010a,b provides an algorithm for deriving the presupposition projection properties of an expression from that expression’s classical semantics. In this paper, we consider the predictions of Schlenker’s algorithm as applied to attitude verbs. More specifically, we compare Schlenker’s theory with a prominent view which maintains that attitudes exhibit belief projection, so that presupposition triggers in their scope imply that the attitude holder believes the presupposition (Kartunnen, 1974; Heim, 1992; Sudo, 2014). We show that Schlenker’s theory does not predict belief projection, and discuss several consequences of this result.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006817
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Published in: Linguistics and Philosophy
keywords: attitudes, presupposition, local context, semantics
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