Clausal exceptives and exceptive sluices
Rebecca Jarvis
September 2022

Diagnosing phrasal and clausal structure in exceptives is a topic of ongoing interest. To make progress on this front, this paper relies on evidence from sluice readings as a diagnostic of phrasal versus clausal exceptive structure. As suggested by Stockwell and Wong (2020), English clausal (but not phrasal) exceptives give rise to a particular reading, which I term the exceptive-sluice reading, when they serve as antecedents to later sluices. I discuss the repercussions of exceptive sluices for some popular accounts of sluicing and how exceptive-sluice readings can be used to diagnose the status of different English exceptives. The paper further validates exceptive-sluice readings as a diagnostic for clausal structure by showing that the availability of this reading aligns with other well-established diagnostics.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006818
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Published in: Proceedings of NELS 52
keywords: exceptives, sluicing, ellipsis, syntax
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