Negation in Ewe (Tongugbe) Agent Nominalization
Selikem Gotah, Soo-Hwan Lee
September 2022

Baker & Vinokurova (2009) claim that agent nominalization does not project extended verbal projections such as NegP. We show that NegP is realized in Ewe (Tongugbe) agentive nominals. This paper draws evidence from the scope patterns and the availability of NPI-licensing of the negative marker ma- realized inside Ewe nominal structures. We conclude that agentive nominals accommodate sentential negation, which poses a challenge to Baker & Vinokurova’s assumption. The implication of this work is that agent nominalization can be more verbal-like than what has been previously reported in the literature. We further examine where the agentive suffix -la resides in syntax based on the argument structure of the verbs realized in agentive nominals.
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keywords: agent nominalization, ewe, negation, syntax
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