English PhonologieS?
Quentin Dabouis, Pierre Fournier
September 2022

This study proposes that the English phonological system should not be considered as a uniform entity but as a set of subsystems with specific stress, orthographic, morphological, semantic or segmental features. We review a series of data showing the interconnection of these features, which shows that the subsystems we posit are not purely phonological. These subsystems are associated to parts of the vocabulary which can be perceived as “foreign” or “learned”. We show that “foreign” vocabulary has a phonological behaviour that is partly independent from that of donor languages. Although formalizing the system that we propose seems premature, we discuss existing tools which will allow it when further empirical studies have been conducted to refine our analysis.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006828
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Published in: Arigne Viviane & Migette Christiane (eds.), Models and Modelisation in Linguistics, Bern, Peter Lang, 215–258
keywords: english, stress, spelling, lexical subsystems, loanwords, phonology
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