L-alternations in Taqbaylit
Amazigh Bedar, Lucie Quellec
December 2022

The aim of this paper is to analyze the status of /l/ in standard Taqbaylit (StT) and the varieties of Ouadhia (OuT) and Chemini (ChT) where it surfaces respectively [l], [j] and [ɹ]. In the latter varieties OuT and ChK, /l/ is subject to lenition. We analyze the data in Element Theory (Backley 2011, 2012; Harris 1990; Kaye, Lowenstamm & Vergnaud 1985, 1990; Scheer 1996) and we propose that lenition results from three factors: i) the bipositional nature of /l/, ii) the loss of its subsegmental content and iii) its relationship with adjacent segments.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006933
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Published in: In Krzysztof Jaskuła (ed.). Phonological and Phonetic Explorations. 2020, pp. 11-28, KUL Press, Lublin.
keywords: liquids, lenition, bipositionality, branching, element theory, taqbaylit, kabyle, berber, phonology
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