On the Distribution of Consonants and Vowels in Patterns N6 and N7 of Disyllabic Base Words of Contemporary Hawaiian
Nina Pilszczikowa-Chodak
November 2022

The words of Pattern N6 and Pattern N7 have diphthongs in the first syllable and differ by the vowel's length of its second syllable: it is a short last vowel in words of Pattern N6: VV-v, and a long vowel in words of Pattern N7: VV-V. The Pattern N6 contains 99 words (106 minus 7), and there are 37 (43 minus 6) words in Pattern N7. Words of both patterns are divided into words with the initial obstruents /',h,k,p/, and words with the initial sonorants /l,n,m,w/.
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keywords: distribution, voiced, voiceless, consonants, grave, sonorants, obstruents, long vowels, short vowels, open-syllable language, word-patterns, diphthongs, phonology
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