Island violations in stripping constructions
Danfeng Wu
November 2022

Clausal ellipsis (e.g. sluicing and fragment answers) involves a movement that can sometimes appear to violate island constraints. This squib focuses on a relatively understudied type of clausal ellipsis, stripping, and argues based on its unique properties that its apparent ability to violate islands is an illusion created by the evasion strategy – a parse that does not involve any islands. I also argue that stripping has the same underlying operations as sluicing and fragment answers, and thus the evasion strategy available to stripping should also be available to those other clausal ellipses, supporting Barros et al.'s (2014) evasion-based analysis for sluicing.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006966
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Published in: Glossa
keywords: islands, ellipsis, stripping, clausal ellipsis, syntax, evasion strategy, syntax
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